What Dad Said

Once upon a time, there was a young sister, daughter, a girl who thought she would grow up into an amazing woman. She had no doubt. She would be a writer and an actor. She would be an artist. 

Nothing would stop her. 

She would be everything she ever wanted to be. 

As she grew up she learned that if she didn’t like something, she didn’t have to do it. She decided she didn’t like a lot of things. She quit numerous things. 

Also, it felt All Good. It felt normal. It felt fine. 

She decided it was absolutely okay to change your mind about things and not finish and that’s how she decided to live her life. 

What began to happen was that pretty much anything that she’d start out doing with excitement, she’d decide shortly after that, that it wasn’t fun..it wasn’t good and she didn’t like doing something that wasn’t good, so she would quit. 

She didn’t realize until much later that this left a trail of unfinished and incomplete projects, artwork, writing and other things that started out as AMAZING. 

She wasn’t the first one to see this. 

Her father was the first one to take notice of this.  He had a unique plan to help his daughter to see that she was starting a lot of plans and ideas and projects and then dropping them before they were finished. He waited until one day as she was getting her bike to go out for her daily ride, when he lost his temper for whatever reason…a long day at work or frustrations of his own of some kind, and he shouted at her that she would NEVER finish ANYTHING. 

Well, that girl idolized her father and believed pretty much everything her father said. She had thought she might try out for the University Cycling Team. She had been taking her bike out for many months, every day, rain or shine, for a 20 mile trek around the city. 

That would be the last day she took her bike out for a twenty mile workout. She didn’t use her bike at all after that day.  It stood neglected after that. 

When the girl was older, she still heard those words echoing in her thoughts. She would never finish anything. 

She managed to finish a few things. Those things, looking back from half a century later, stand out in relief. She acted in two plays. One in college and one as a professional. She had thought she might be an actress, but when she did one play, she stopped. She’d never finish anything. 

She did a movie. She was the lead. The director even took a moment away from all the other actors, when no one could hear, and quietly said, “You’re really good at this! You should be acting!” 

That was enough for the girl who never would finish anything. 

That girl had turned into a woman who still believed what her father had prophesied that day. She didn’t want to make him right. She couldn’t stand the idea of making him wrong. If she made him wrong then maybe, just maybe it would have meant that he said things to her that belittled her and he meant them. And he believed them. 

It still hurt. After 40 years, it still hurts

But that doesn’t mean it has to keep hurting. It doesn’t have to keep hurting and it doesn’t have to be true to her – still. A little girl turned woman in her fifties could decide to learn from something her father said so long before. She could take it as a motivator. She could stretch herself beyond the limitations she had set for her entire life because of something that man said in anger one afternoon. She could let it go. She could grow past it, or through it, or over it. She could even grow AROUND it. 

But, she knew that she must OUTGROW it. 

As she wrote that, she began to see a future different from her past. She smiled as she realized her future could be one of completion..of finishing what she starts. 

Her future could be one of starting things that she only wanted to finish…and if she couldn’t see the project in her mind as a completed project she wouldn’t start that project or that writing or that anything. 

This would be the girl with the hurt becoming the woman she had always pictured she would become. 

Completing the things that made her heart sing. 

She liked it when her heart sang. 

She set out to find things that would make her heart sing. She would look at them until she could see them completed in her mind. She would build a stage for it if it was a play. And she would wait to see if she could see actors (or herself) on stage going through the entire play and then accepting the applause and the curtain going down at the end. 

Maybe going forward, If she couldn’t see that, she wouldn’t start writing it at all Maybe that’s how finished novelists do what they do. Playwrights, too. And screenwriters. Directors, too, I bet. And songwriters. 

Perhaps I should ask them. That would be an interesting conversation. 

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Getting Ready for my Atlantic PopOver: Craziness!

Questions be bangin’ on my head..but…now this!

But might as well enjoy my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS VIDEO!! (and the song which makes it!) Thanks to The Drifters! Brilliant voices and music!!

It’s so easy to distract myself from the things I need to do, with the things I love doing. Right? Do ya feel me? Don’t you love watching and listening to this video? I mean, RIGHT?

Meanwhile, as a housesitter heading to the UK for six months TOMORROW…I still don’t know how I’m going to have a phone for the entire time I’m over there…and whether I’ll be able to hold onto my own number…and, Man! What happens to my texting and WhatsApp if I no longer have the Verizon phone number I now have? And what about my Google number? Doesn’t that also go away if I lose my Verizon number?

You see what I mean? Oy Veh!

If you have a handle on all of this, you’d be a HUGE help to me and to anyone reading this who hits the same snag-a-roonies.

BUT, the best thing is that I’ve got the Labradoodles happy at my feet…one of them is dreaming now and she’s cycling her paws like she’s running. Sweet girl!

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First Day on my New Housesitting Blog! Hi!

This is Bazzy, from my housesit in NW Portland in October. Beautiful boy! Watch for fun videos with his soooo cute little brother the Scottie pupperoo, Jake

Their Human, Kimberly couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the video. 

She said he would spot a phone coming out and immediately stop playing, so this is a One Time Anomaly! Lucky Me! Lucky You!! 






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Hello world! Heidi here…plus my love buddies, Harley The Dog & Louie and Lola The Cats in D.C., Zelda the Cat in Portland, OR. followed by Arya, Oreo, Juneybug, Riley, Parker (just some of the pets on the farm in Brush Prairie, WA and and so many more…in fact, A WHOLE bunch of other amazing BELOVED pets in my heart!

Heidi and her world, now opened to you! Housesitting Heidi, the blogger, and voice talent, the actress and the writer…and the LOVER of animals. SOOOO Much room in my heart for animals AND People!

It’s funny…you know…is there a LIMIT ON LOVE?

No. Emphatically, No. There is no limit on the amount of love in our hearts.

No limit. Imagine that. We can love EVERYONE we meet. Every animal. Every Person! and Still have room for MORE LOVE!

It’s a good thing. SUCH a good thing!

Aren’t you in love with this thing Called Love? I know I am!

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just moments…After watching Oscar Nominated, “Green Book”…

It’s nearly 10pm. I’m sitting at my desk, in front of my computer, with headphones plugged into my ears, all orifices trickling, lower lip quivering. Truly. Beautiful. Acting AND Writing. Thank you

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen, remarkably, are those for whom I lay the immediate blame for my tears. And, I swear, as I write this, I am LISTENING AGAIN to the final scene, when Ali’s character, piano virtuoso, Dr. Don Shirley, demonstrates his magnificent virtuosity in front of an unsuspecting juke joint crowd in Birmingham, Alabama. Five minutes later, Viggo’s character, Tony “Lip”, as they walk out to the car, whips out his pistol and fires several shots straight into the air, sending the robbers ducked down on the other side of a nearby car, scattering.

Yes, it’s a powerful message of friendship, brotherhood, love, acceptance and, well…love. Yeah, Why Not! It’s truly a story about loving one another better! Love one another better, I could say that this is indeed the message of the movie..of the writers, of Tony Lip, of his son who was inspired by his father’s own life journey as a result of his eight week journey with this black musician…

If you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re aware that it’s up for a number of nominations for the Academy Awards and you’re wondering what the big deal is…see this movie.

“Green Book”

But, the real reason I started writing this post…wanna know? It’s because I’m personally torn…I see this AMAZING story told about our past…our past as Americans, our past as humans, our past as a largely racially biased species…I see this movie, and for me, I see actors who have honed their craft for years, through struggles and hardship. I see writers who have also honed their own skills and their craft through all kinds of punishment, meager earnings and rejection. The life of an artist…rejection and growing a thick skin in order to attain the heights of achievement.

I see this and, being honest, the reason for the leaking of tears becomes less clear. Of course it is the story. But, it’s also my own regrets hastening those painful tears, painting them heavier than the lessons of the movie, stinging just a bit more than those caused by a simple lesson might.

Honesty bites. I hate exposing my weakness, my failures! But, maybe pushing them brutally into the glaring light of day will initiate some ferocious courage in me, like that of the good Dr. Shirley of the story, facing the racism of the South head-on, with undaunted courage. Maybe, just…!

Doubt curls its surly lip at me and I cower, but….maybe just…

Tears, stinging honest raging tears, grinding teeth, head shaking, lips pucker forward, obstinate posers.

If one is a writer, one simply writes. Isn’t that the truth? Isn’t that Aaron Sorkin? Isn’t that Nick Vallelonga? If you’re going to write, you just Do It.

I’m writing now, right? So, Write! Write! Right?

Lessons. Who the hell wanted a lesson?? I wanted to watch another of the Oscar Nominated Movies. I did. And now…I got…. A LESSON.

And actually, I have somehow twisted it into two lessons for the price of one.

Lucky me.

Write, dummy.

and ... See this movie.

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February 3, 2019 · 1:20 am

Do you know about the NEW “Heidi & Co.” Gratitude & Upliftment Podcast, yet?

celebration uplift

Let’s start with setting the mood…the environment…the atmosphere…


So…Would you say…Are you feeling
A. Mostly Happy with your life? (if so, I’d LOVE to have you on as a guest!)
B. Mostly Satisfied with your life.
C. Somewhat Happy and Satisfied with my life.
D. Somewhat Dissatisfied with my lifeSad Women Expressions Emotions Girl Unhappy Woman
E. Somewhat Unhappy with my life?
F. Demoralized and Paralyzed by my Current Life?


Yea, it’s kinda hard to put a fine point on such a personal, hard-to-rationalize, justify, clarify or define kind of question, isn’t it?
Doesn’t it often depend on the day or the time of day that someone asks you such a question?
I’d say so.
So, this podcasts visits all that…the doubts, the insecurities, the knowledge, the insights, the questions, the answers, the wonder and…

blonde hair blur daylight environment

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

we often JUST STUMBLE ON while we consider these points.

Didn’t plan it.
Starting to plan it now.

Come in for UPLIFTMENT and NEW Ideas about how to life a Happy or maybe a Happier life.

Come listen or watch on Facebook Live for ideas about living a more fulfilled life….or find out how being super GRATEFUL has added tremendously to the lives of some of our most SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PEOPLE, CEOs, LEADERS, ACTORS, WRITERS…etc, etc, etc,

How does UPLIFTMENT add to our lives?…grow our prosperity?…fill out our spiritual emptiness?  or that quell that VAGUE NAGGING FEELING we have that there MUST be MORE?

Wanna explore ALONG WITH Me?

Join me and SOMETIMES some PRETTY COOL guests as we explore these and MORE questions about Happiness, Gratitude, Upliftment, Prosperity, Well-Being…etc etc etc…

Who’s in?

Weekdays at “Heidi & Co. at 5pm CENTRAL TIME US

on Facebook Live and Spreaker,

and FOREVER afterwards on Spotify, iTunes, I Heart Radio and YouTube! 


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This is Us; Season 2, Episode 6 Randall and the Sikh guy and the ceiling fan.

https://savethestorks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Screen-Shot-2017-11-02-at-9.13.46-AM.pngCruising through saved episodes, I land on this one. The series has given me some moments…you know…moments when I tear up. I tear up, maybe because the moment is so…close to the ultimate moment you’d ever want to have in that particular situation. Or..maybe..because it clarifies a thought you’ve been wanting to have…trying to have for a LIFETIME….an they just blurt it out and POOF! There it is! Said just the way you’d imagine you’d have thought of saying it if you could be smart and prescient and hella instrumental in writing astonishing and incredibly timely material for television. Sikh guy scene

Would you be there, too?!! Right??!

I know I would!

So, AGAIN, blindsided.

Sitting here in the quiet of my room, with my cat snoring nearby…and this scene lands at my feet, as it were. Boom! Tears! Again!

This show! Tear central! Is it the same in your house?


Randall, the show’s adopted brother, unlike the bio kids in that he’s a bit on the anxious side. He’s extremely intelligent and considerate and thoughtful…but he’s an anxious child and grows up to be an anxious adult….but, he’s an adult with a lovely wife and three amazing kids.

We begin to learn – as the show winds artfully through their collective lives, (father, mother, kids from all the various perspectives, as well) that Randall had a tough time growing up ‘the adopted kid’…and when he goes shopping for a ceiling fan that’s already been hung and taken down because it doesn’t seem to work.

We know it’s either faulty or it actually works but Randall installed it wrong…but we will never know…So Randall takes it down and goes to the store to replace it…and this Sikh man is helping him. He’s on the staff at this Home Depot type store, apron etc…And when he approaches poor Randall, and asks if he can help, Randall lets loose ALL of his self-doubts at being a new dad.

Lo! At first, we’re pretty sure that the Sikh guy would do what any one of us would do in a moment with a customer when a stream of highly emotional content along with quavering voice and a look for desperation comes right at you in your nine dollars an hour apron. But, this guy is different…this Sikh guy. thisisus

After Randall’s avalanche of psychological pain and -about-to-be-a-new-father angst, the Sikh guy does NOT back away and offer to give the guy his space. Nope! Not this hometown Home Depot superhero. Nope. This guy steps up in all his wonderfully full-bearded heroism and directly faces Randall’s fear and starts sharing with him his knowledge from having raised FIVE kids.

I began, immediately upon knowing what this Sikh guy was about to do, to weep. This show! I swear to god! This show takes what we always wanted to be and what we always hoped and prayed we were as humans and turns it around and says, “This IS what we are! And don’t you forget it!”

Dammit! I CRY every time I watch this show for THAT VERY REASON.

This show shows us what we CAN be. This show says “THIS….THIS….this is us!” …not all the other stuff…not STUFF..Not accomplishment…not careers…not possessions, not money…THIS is US…we are about sincere, honest caring for our fellow human beings.

This show rocks my world. And it shows me just how much we can rock the world, each and every one of us…once we FINALLY REALIZE that THAT is what matters.

WHOOSH! “This is Us” Awesome show!

Next time, when you’re walking through a store and you wonder, even for a second, if someone in that store would really just open their heart and ‘get you’ in a moment…this show says, and this moment in the show, in particular, says it does… and we have to listen because the writers ARE humans just like us and their creation of this moment is pure evidence that this kind of thing LIVES in the LIVES of ALL of us!

This is US.




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“…Love, Mom” or An Ordinary Miracle in My Life Mom

A beautiful and incredibly strong woman – Our Mother


Ordinary Miracle

Mom…she was….was?…I have to stop there…she is no longer inhabiting her physical body…but for the last 7 years of her life she wasn’t inhabiting her body in the ways we had come to know her…but we never used the past tense then…so,  now that she is more present in my life than she has seemed over the last 7 years…using the past tense seems like a betrayal to her powerful presence. She Is one with her sheer force again. Now. Her body and mind had betrayed her power – her spirit – as they aged. So I WILL NOT use the past tense. 

Nell, though no longer a physical presence in my life fills a new role. 

As I come to more thoroughly understand that role, I will come back here to share it with you…so maybe it could help y ou when someone you love transitions from the physical. 

Celebrating 55 years together here…they had another 10 to go


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Brilliant You! Growing Your Happiness Resources! #JoyMeUp

You• You’re planting that garden…the one you will be able to walk through and gather your joy…the one that will be your restorative place.

Grow it well. Tend it like your best and all-time favorite pair of shoes…you keep them clean and you always put them where you know EXACTLY where they are at any time so you know exactly where to find them.

You find them and put them on even when you’re not going out – just to feel good.

Don’t you?

Your happiness garden is like that. In fact, those shoes – and all the things you’ve always done and saved and stored away because having them and referring to them and returning to them makes you feel Good.

That is growing the resources that make up your happiness garden. And believe it or not, you actually do have a green thumb! A happiness green thumb, that is.

Now you can be conscious of it and contribute to it knowing that’s what you’re doing.

And as you stand now in your life, or as we call it, your Happiness Garden, try this •JoyMeUp Moment•~~~~

Notice your state. Notice if you feel sad or blue, notice If you feel light or heavy…just lightly notice it and now …. take a deep breath. Feed your body some fresh oxygen. Notice how good a conscious breath feels. And –

Now – slowly – with conscious thought –

•just SMILE•

And now • notice how GOOD it feels • for your WHOLE BODY. •

Brilliant You! Pooling these resources that COUNT!

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Ohhh….The Holidays Upon Us…


Just the phrase alone, “The Holidays are upon us.”…doesn’t it summon the phrase, “monkey on my back”? or  straight out of some horror or scary sci-fi thriller, right? “…the monster was almost upon us”

So, we move into this season which is (supposedly) one that is meant to bring us together and cause warm and toasty feelings of love for our fellow man, right? ..and we talk about it being “upon us” like it’s a green, bad breath dragon about to pounce on us and devour our young. Right?

What madness is this?

How foolish are we, you know? Not watching our words…all of us! Are we just doing this because we LOVE the drama that doing it brings?

Or are we just acting like we don’t KNOW this is what we summon when we speak in nervousness about the coming holiday season. We dread it. Or at least that’s the language…and it could, nay COULD! have a LOT to do with how much we have decided to make this a season of materialism and spending. Couldn’t it?

What would happen to your next year’s Christmas if you made vows together NOT to spend more than…and You decide on your limit. Seems like spending a max of $200 per person would be do able…no?  Or better yet, spending $200 total? Is that at all possible in the realm of madness? Sure it is! You BET it is!

It WOULD mean that you’d have to consider carefully each present you buy. It would mean you’d have to really apply yourself to the whole of the season and not just the commercialism of it.

What do  you think? Think it’s something that might make your holidays more enjoyable next year?

Well, you have a year to think about it.

Meanwhile, why not try vizualizing it – FEEL it out. Breathe it in. And, if you’re ready to…please click here follow the Life’s Brilliance blog and get (maybe) perky, (maybe) upbeat blog posts to nudge you along the way in building those happiness habits you’re here to start building upon.

And next year, as we get closer to the holidays, if I haven’t done it yet, remind me and we’ll see if we can start a Reductionist Holiday Season! Yeah?

Love and Laughter,


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